Please consider the following final details related to the ICDD 2020 conference.

Each presenter is allocated 20 minutes in the conference program (approximately 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussions and questions).
Questions will be asked after each presentation.

Anyone who wants to ask a question after a presentation must chat her name and the word "question". The chair of each section will manage the questions section after each presentation, giving the floor in turn to those who have registered for the questions section.

All participants are advised to turn on their camera when using the microphone (presenting or asking or answering a question during the conference sections).

Please turn off the microphone when not in use.

Virtual Tour

In a virtual world and an online conference, we would like to share with you a little from the real beauty of our town, university and faculty.

Can you look where the conference presentations should have taken place: and where we should have had lunch and dinner in the conference days and where we should have walked together in the first evening of the conference

We hope that for the participants who have attended the previous editions of this conference, these images will be a pleseant memory.