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Acad. Dorel BANABIC
Romanian Academy

Industry 4.0-Applications in metal forming

Professor at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN), Romania
Director of the Research Center in Sheet Metal Forming (CERTETA), UTCN
Director of the Graduate School in Manufacturing, UTCN, Romania
Member of the Romanian Presidency Commission for Politics in Education and Research
Humboldt postdoc (1996-1998) at the Institute of Metal Forming, Stuttgart University
Invited Professor at the Institute of Metal Forming, Stuttgart University (2000-2004)
President of the European Scientific Association for Material Forming (ESAFORM) (2012-2016)
Fellow of CIRP (International Academy for Production Engineering)
Fellow of the Academy of Technical Sciences of Romanian
Fellow of the Romanian Academy
President of the Technical Sciences Section of the Romanian Academy
Co-founder of the FORTECH company

Member in the Editorial Board of the following international journals: International Journal of Computational Materials Science, Gliwice, Poland; Manufacturing Review, EDP Sciences, Paris; Journal of Forging and Stamping Production, Russia; Computed Method in Materials Science, Poland; Journal of Production Processes and Systems, Hungary
Associate Editor of the ESAFORM book-series published by Springer
Associate Editor of the International Journal of Material Forming, Springer
Editor-in-Chief of the ESAFORM Bulletin
Topical Editor of the Proceedings of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania
Editor-in-Chief of the Romanian Journal of Technical Sciences - Applied Mechanics, Romania

Member in the Scientific Committees of the most representative conferences in Material Forming: International Conference on Numerical Simulation of 3D Sheet Forming Processes (NUMISHEET); International Conference on Methods in Industrial Forming Processes (NUMIFORM); International Conference on Material Forming (ESAFORM); International Conference on Technology of Plasticity (ICTP); Metal Forming International Conference; International Conference on Tribology in Manufacturing Processes (ICTMP); International Conference on Sheet Metal (SHEMET); Asia-Pacific Conf. on Engineering Plasticity and Its Applications (AEPA); International Conference on Metal Forming; International Conference of the IDDRG; International Conference in Industrial Tools (ICIT); International Conference on Design and Production of Machines and Dies/Molds, etc.

The major areas of interest are the anisotropic plastic behaviour of materials, formability of sheet metals, multiscale modelling of sheet metal forming processes and virtual fabrication.

Prof. Eng. Nicolae BÂLC, Ph.D.
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Design for Additive Manufacturing and AM Applications Developed at TUC-N


Dean of the Faculty of Machines Building
1987 Engineer, Polytechnic Institute of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Mechanics
1994 European Master of Science (Honor Degree), Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
2001 Doctor of Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Scientific activity
  • Scientific Coordinator of 22 PhD Thesis (14 defended PhD thesis and 8 ongoing PhD thesis)
  • Patents: 4; 1 international (registered in USA) and 3 national
  • 9 books published (5 as first author / editor)
  • Reviewer of the Rapid Prototyping Journal (ISI)
  • 156 published scientific papers (95 in Romania and 61 în UE and SUA)
  • Honorary Professor of "Transilvania" - Brasov (Senate decision: 24 Nov. 2000)
International cooperation
  • 2 Research Contracts at  Loughborough University, England (Work Permit E-766013 and Work Permit E-865239) – Dept. of Design and Technology
  • Invited Professor at Nottingham University, De Montfort University – Leicester
  • Invited Lecturer at the universities from Poznan, Maribor, Debrecen, Miskolc, Viena and Rijeka (courses held within these universities)
  • Invited Speaker at 2009 Dover Presidents Meeting (DE-STA-CO Europe GmbH)(, N. Bâlc:Engineering resources in CEE, including Romania”, Warsaw, 3-rd March 2009, Poland

Prof. Eng. George DRĂGHICI, Ph.D.
Politehnica University of Timişoara, Romania

Project Quality Management in Automotive Industry

George Draghici
has graduated the MSc in 1972 and the PhD in 1980, in Manufacturing Engineering, both at Politehnica University of Timisoara. Since 1990 he is PhD supervisor in the field of Industrial Engineering. Since 1972, his entire academic and scientific activity has been carried at Politehnica University of Timisoara, Manufacturing Engineering Department, being a Full Professor since 1992. He was also invited professor and co-PhD supervisor at several universities in France. In 2000 he created the Integrated Engineering Research Center, whose director is still in present. He organized the 2002, 2005 and 2008 editions of International Conferences on Integrated Engineering and the 9th ETRIA Word TRIZ Future Conference in 2009. He is member of eight international and national professional and scientific associations, and he has been member of over 110 scientific committees or international conference programs, as well as reviewer to international scientific journals and international conferences. He has coordinated many international and national research projects. He is the author or co-author of over 260 articles, 34 books or book-chapters published in Romania and abroad, and he is author of ten patents. Since 2016, he is a member of the AUF Scientific Council and member of the AUF Regional Expert Commission for Central and Eastern Europe ( In 2016 he was awarded with the honorary title of Professor Emeritus of the Politehnica University of Timisoara.

Prof. Eng. Marco RAGAZZI, Ph.D.

University of Trento, Italy

Unconventional monitoring to identify the role of single sources of air pollution

February 1988

Graduated in Sanitary Engineering, Technical University of Milan, Italy (with honours).
December 1988 Noseda Award winner as 1988 best graduated in Hydraulic Engineering at the Technical University of Milan.
October 1991 Doctorate in Environmental Sanitary Engineering.
Since July 2001 Associate professor in the sector ICAR/03 (environmental-sanitary engineering), University of Trento, Engineering Faculty, Civil and Environmental Department (presently DICAM)
April 2006 Ambrogino d’Oro Award (Municipality of Milan) for the contribution to the solution of the wastewater emergency of the city.
December 2013 National scientific qualification to function as full professor in Italian Universities for the Environmental - Sanitary Engineering sector.
Since February 1988 Research activity concerning a) the optimisation of bio-chemical and thermo-chemical plants oriented to reduce the human exposure to pollutants, b) the air and water quality management in anthropized areas.
Since February 1988 Author or co-author of 123 scientific documents in the Scopus database.

Prof. Eng. Johannes ROTHMUND, Ph.D.
University of Stuttgart, Germany

Current Research in Machine Tool Engineering

Academic Director at Institute for Machine Tools at University of Stuttgart
Since 09/2007 Academic Director
Since 10/1990 Deputy director of Institute for Machine Tools and head of Metal Cutting Team
Since 10/2014

Deputy member of senate of University of Stuttgart
Member of curricular committee Mechanical Engineering
Collaboration in the examination board Mechanical Engineering

Since 10/2012 Member of senate committee for teaching affairs
Since 02/2008 Deputy member of faculty council of Faculty for Engineering Design, Production Engineering and Automotive Engineering
1998 Nomination as Honorary Professor of TU Cluj-Napoca
Since 1997 Member of curricular committee Technics Education
1997 - 2005 Juryman at the District Court Tübingen
1997 Doctoral thesis
1986 - 1991 Academic assistant at Institute for Machine Tools
1978 - 1986 Study of Mechanical Engineering at University of Stuttgart

Lecture “Fundamentals of Metal Cutting” at University if Stuttgart
Lecture “Machine Tools” at Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State university (Duale Hochschule)


Papers at international conferences in German and English language
Co-editor of the handbook “Spanende Formung” a definitive book of metal cutting

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