Workshop title: Seeking international partners for network establishing and future collaborating for R&D funding and innovation projects.
Facilitator1: Audun Amundsen, R&D coordinator
Facilitator2: Hong Wu, Associate Professor
Affiliation: Østfold University College
Duration: 2 hours
Description; Information about research program: H2020 and EEA, Process skills, communication and collaboration etc.

Proposed workshop flow:
Facilitator1: Audun Amundsen, R&D coordinator:
Introducing/promoting EU funding sources and seeking for potential collaboration partners in this context:
Facilitator2: Hong Wu, Associate Professor:
Grouping workshop attendants, organizing discussions and collecting/presenting outcomes for further process.

Expected outcome: Workshop participants will have an opportunity to:

  1. Gain skills about two possible funding sources for R&D projects
  2. Establish cooperation among participants with the aim of develop a project proposal in order to submit this and get funding for future co-operation and development.
  3. Best of all, targeting or defining relevant 1-2 research topics that gathering relevant partners for the next move – applying funding