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The 5th International Nonformal Education Conference INEC 2019


The international non-formal education conference at its fourth edition, proposed to take place between 4-6 October 2019, in Târgu Mureş, mainly addresses the issue of non-formal education, as well as other aspects specific to the educational process. This year's main objective of the conference is to exchange good practices in non-formal education and to develop the skills of participating educational agents to design and carry out educational activities with a positive impact on pupils and students. The presence of specialists from several European countries contributes to the creation of a dynamic, complex and creative framework for the conference focused on non-formal education.

As non-formal education actions correspond strictly to the interests, skills and wishes of the participants, teachers and specialists involved in non-formal education activities must have specific psycho-pedagogical skills, accompanied by much flexibility, adaptability and speed, but also by substantial enthusiasm. Many of these can be formed and developed within the workshops of the international non-formal education conference.

Conference is divided into two components:

  • plenary session;
  • workshops.

Presentations can be held in the following languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, Romanian.

INEC 2019 will be held between 4-6 October, 2019 at Continental Forum Hotel Târgu Mureş.


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