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Workshop title:
Seeking international partners for network establishing and future collaborating for R&D funding and innovation projects.
Facilitator1: Audun Amundsen, R&D coordinator
Facilitator2: Hong Wu, Associate Professor
Affiliation: Østfold University College
Duration: 2 hours
Description; Information about research program: H2020 and EEA, Process skills, communication and collaboration etc.

Proposed workshop flow:
Facilitator1: Audun Amundsen, R&D coordinator:
Introducing/promoting EU funding sources and seeking for potential collaboration partners in this context:
Facilitator2: Hong Wu, Associate Professor:
Grouping workshop attendants, organizing discussions and collecting/presenting outcomes for further process.

Expected outcome: Workshop participants will have an opportunity to:

  1. Gain skills about two possible funding sources for R&D projects
  2. Establish cooperation among participants with the aim of develop a project proposal in order to submit this and get funding for future co-operation and development.
  3. Best of all, targeting or defining relevant 1-2 research topics that gathering relevant partners for the next move – applying funding

Workshop title: Creating Values – Impact & Exploitation in Horizon 2020 project proposals

Facilitator: Jörg Scherer

Affiliation: Head of Training & Awareness Raising Activities European IPR Helpdesk / CEO Eurice GmbH

Duration: 75 minutes


Horizon 2020 is a very attractive and flexible programme to incorporate intellectual assets into proper exploitation strategies for further technology development or business solutions. The new work programme spanning the upcoming period of 2018-2020 will have EU funding of around €30 billion, making it by far the largest single integrated programme of publicly funded research and innovation during this period across the EU.

Boosting impacts including  more  effective  dissemination  and  exploitation  of  research results (Intellectual Property/IP) has  been  the  guiding  principle throughout  the  elaboration of the new calls for proposals – creating new challenges and expectations to be met by applicants/consortia.

The workshop will therefore address the overall topic of how to create value through professional management and exploitation of IP. Based on a very practical and comprehensive training approach, participants will be made familiar with central concepts and strategies of how to turn intellectual assets into value-creating innovations and increase the impact of Horizon 2020 project results – as expected by project evaluators .

Expected outcome: ........................................

The workshop addresses proper exploitation strategies for proposals ranging from basic research to systems operations.

·         How will results be protected?

·         How will Joint Ownership be treated?

·         How will the exchange of existing knowledge and know-how (i.e. “background”) and results among partners and external stakeholders be managed? What are the best conditions to grant access rights?

·         What are the best and most viable routes for exploitation of Horizon 2020 results?


Workshop title: Mindset – the way you think about yourself in the world influences your ability to achieve your potential. Understand yours, and learn to optimize it!
Facilitator: Nina Mapili, MD Mapili GmbH, Journey to Excellence (J2Ex) Program Developer ( Initiator of the International J2Ex Conferences 2014 (Madagascar) and 2017 (Swaziland), both with the theme “Creating a Mindset for Growth and Development”.
Duration: 2 hours
Description of workshop: Mindset can be defined as “a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations” (
The workshop’s point of departure is Stanford University Prof. Carol Dweck’s book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”. Prof. Dweck has spent decades fascinated by what makes some people successful, and other less so. According to her, “individuals can be placed on a continuum according to their implicit views of where ability comes from.” ( Though it may not initially be clear to an individual, his or her mindset can be determined based on behaviour in particular situations. Importantly, mindset has far-reaching impact on a person’s life.
Through my work (and that of my team) with educational institutions and teachers, businesses and businesspeople, NGOs, students and a wide variety of other individuals, I have been exploring ways to help people change mindsets and behaviours that hinder their personal development and that of their organisations (and even countries) at a very practical level.
This workshop is an adaptation of a Journey to Excellence training module that introduces participants to basic mindset concepts, gives them insight into their own mindset(s), and introduces simple strategies for change. We will also discuss the impact of mindset in business and other organisations, as well as its implications for development at national level.
Outcomes to be achieved:  Participants will
1. be able to describe basic characteristics of mindset at each end of the mindset continuum,
2. understand how their own mindset has influenced their ability to achieve their potential,
3.  be able to describe initial strategies that can be used to change personal mindsets, and
4. be able to identify the impact of mindset in the world around them.
Who should attend: anyone who is interested in learning how to better achieve their own personal and/or organizational potential.