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ERMAS Association Prize

The ERMAS Association Prize will be awarded yearly, starting with the 2021 edition of the ERMAS conference. (regulations in Romanian, here)


- The submitted paper to be accepted for presentation at the conference, following the evaluation of the Scientific Committee;
- The presenter of the paper: co-author and she/he is at most 35 years old (at the moment of the submission of the paper for evaluation);
- The presenter has Romanian/Moldavian citizenship OR the paper uses data on Romania.

Prize value: 5000 lei (around 1000 euro), net amount (after paying taxes in Romania)

The decision commission: members of The Scientific Committee for the corresponding edition of the conference (i.e. for the current edition, the Scientific Committee for the 2021 edition).


As a consequence of the vote of the Scientific Committee of ERMAS 2021, the ERMAS Association Prize was split between two papers:

"The Value of ETF Liquidity" - Marius Zoican, presenter at ERMAS 2021 and co-author fulfilling eligibility conditions.

"The Fed Put and Monetary Policy: An Imperfect Knowledge Approach" - Adrian Ifrim, presenter at ERMAS 2021 and author fulfilling eligibility conditions.

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