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Instructions for submission

(a) Papers to be received by May 26, 2019.
(b) Documents must be printed in Microsoft Office Word document format and edited in English.
(c) Please note the nationality, organization, and name of the author in the next line of the title.
(d) Submission of papers via email address, please send it to dxj2319@sina.com in the form of an attachment.
(e) The content of the paper must be true and reliable information, not published in official publications at home and abroad. Take selfresponsibility.
(f) Retention of manuscripts and non-withdrawal of manuscripts.
(g) All the participants (presenting and non-presenting) should complete the following form and send it to tcm.confuciusinstitute@gmail.com by 26 May 2019

Publication and certificate of papers

(a) All full papers sent for conference will be subjected to double blind reviewing process.
(b) Excellent papers will be scheduled for publication by the conference in a special edition of Management of Sustainable Development Journal: http://www.cedc.ro/pages/english/conference-and-journal/msdjournal.php.
The language of the journal is English.
(c) Excellent papers will be recommended to famous TCM publishers in China.
(d) All the participants will receive certificate of papers issued by the Conference.

Important deadlines

Full paper submission deadline 26th May 2019
Notification of paper acceptance 26th May 2019
Early Bird registration deadline 26th May 2019
Regular Payment deadline 27th May 2019
Conference period 06th June – 08th June 2019
Conference gala dinner 07th June 2019
Post Conference visit and group discussion 09th June – 11th June 2019

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