Paper format

Original papers, up to 10 pages and not published before, will be published, after the reviewing process, in the conference proceedings.

It is preferable that the papers should be written in LaTeX, using the template given for .tex files, but we also accept papers written in Word or Rich Text Format, which give the save appearance of the article.

Please convert and upload your documents also in Portable Document Format (.pdf). For publishing, we need both, the .pdf document and the source document from which it was created:

The templates for the source documents are:

  1. Word and Rich Text Format template: word_template_MDIS.doc, word_template_MDIS.rtf
  2. Latex template: latex_template_MDIS.tex
  3. PDF general template: pdf_template_MDIS.pdf

You can see an example of a .pdf article for the conference proceedings here: exemple_article_MDIS.pdf. This .pdf file was created using the following .tex file exemple_article_MDIS.tex.

Please send the final version of your paper in the proceeding format.