In order to participate at MSE 2007, the authors have to write each paper in the following two formats.

An extended abstract (2 pages) that will be published in the Proceedings of the MSE 2007 Conference.
The paper format is here: Click

The full papers (4 or 6 pages) will be published (after reviewing) on CD and in an acknowledged review in the following way:

The papers corresponding to the following topics:

Research in Engineering Universities
Design, Manufacturing and Management of Technological Equipment and Systems - CAD,
Management, Modeling and Monitoring of the Manufacturing Processes
Virtual Manufacturing, Digital Factory
Quality Management
Knowledge Network - E-learning, E-design, E-research

will be published in the Academic Journal of Manufacturing Engineering, ISSN 1583-7904 (B-CNCSIS grade). For further information on this review, please go to
The paper format is here: Click

The papers corresponding to the topics:

  Re-engineering of Production Companies
Management and Economic Engineering
Partnership between Universities and Companies
University Quality Assurance and Mutual Recognition of Diplomas
Evaluation and Accreditation of Institutions
Development of Engineering Curricula
European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
Postgraduate Training
Engineering Education

will be published in Review of Management and Economic Engineering ISSN 583-624X (B-CNCSIS grade).
More information at:
The paper format is here: Click

The Review of Management and Economic Engineering needs bilingual versions of the full papers. For the Romanian participants, bilingual versions (Romanian-English) are necessary.

For the foreign participants, the translation of the paper in Romanian will be made by the organizers.

If you consider that your paper is better suited to the other publication as a result of approaching a borderline topic, you will of course opt for the more suitable publication and meet its specific format requirements.
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