Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Student Research Conference as part of
The Second International Conference: Excellence and Sustainability in Education and Culture

Sibiu – Romania, 3-5 November 2017

Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
Confucius Institute


1. Literary, linguistic and cultural studies
2. Economic growth and bilateral trade relations
3. Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine
4. Scientific and technological development
5. Educational cooperation and international relations

CONFERENCE TOPICS for students:  

ü  Society(ies): centering on European and Chinese societies and the relationships formed between these;

1.      China’s Soft Power Tools

2.      Sino-European Relations thorough Culture Exchange

3.      Sino-European Relations through Language Learning

4.      Chinese Ascension to the World

5.      Chinese Values and their Impact on International Relations

6.    An Intercultural Communication Study on International Students' Adjustment at Chinese Universities from Academic and Socio-Cultural Aspects

7.      Chinese Society as Depicted through Chinese Cinema


ü  Culture(s): the cultural dimension in each of the contexts and intercultural relationships between these;

1.      Ancient China and its Traces in Contemporary Chinese life

2.      Chinese Dynasties and Traditional Chinese Culture

3.      Chinese Calligraphy

4.      Chinese Culture Seen through a Foreigner’s Eyes

5.      Impact of Traditional Chinese Culture on Business Relationships

6.      Integrating Western Culture in Contemporary China

7.      Meeting of East and West 

8.      Chinese Culture Going Global

9.      Interpretation of Chinese Culture through Chinese characters

10.  Dimensions of Culture and the Way they Influence Communication and Translation between Western and Asian Societies


ü  Literature – prose, drama and poetry

1.      Chinese mythology

2.      Poetry of the Six Dynasties

3.      Chinese poetry- the five types of poems

4.      Theme of love - comparative analysis in Western and Chinese Literature

5.      Chinese Contemporary Literature

6.      Chinese Literature and Film Adaptation

7.      MO Yan –The Voice of Contemporary Chinese literature

8.      China’s classic novels

9.      Chinese Literature in Romania


ü  Languages and Discourses: description of languages in focus and the analysis of discourses in the contexts in question;

1.      Dialects in China

2.      An Overview of Chinese Linguistics

3.      A Systematic Review of Literature on Chinese Linguistics

4.      A Short History of Chinese Characters

5.      Chinese Characters – Development and Construction Principles

6.      Evolution of Chinese Characters

7.      Development of Chinese Script

8.      Deconstruction of Chinese Characters

9.      Neologisms and Borrowing in Chinese

10.  Chinese Idioms and their Everyday Use  -成语 Chengyu & 惯用语 Guanyongyu

11.  Chinese Idioms - Why Bother Studying them?

ü  Language teaching and learning: processes, strategies and results of the teaching and learning of Chinese;

1.      Chinese Language and its Growing Popularity

2.      The Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign language – a student’s approach

3.      A Systematic Review of Literature on Methods for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

4.      Pronunciation of Chinese Characters – Tips and Tricks

5.      Using Technology in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

6.      Teaching Chinese as a Foreign language through Multimedia

7.      Teaching English in China & Teaching Chinese in West



ü  Translation/interpretation: between the languages in focus (Chinese and European Languages).

1.      Practical Interpreting Strategies in Chinese

2.      Note-taking Strategies in Chinese Interpreting

3.      Literature Translation as a Bridge between East and West

4.      Cultural Translation of Chinese Literature

5.      Chinese Reception of Western Literature



ü  Economic Sciences: Chinese specifics

1.      Doing Business in China vs. Doing Business in Romania: A Comparative Analysis of Business Etiquette

2.      Specific Marketing Regulations and Techniques In China

3.      Trade and Commerce in China

4.      China: A Fast Growing Economy

5.      Tourism in China: Tradition, Identity, Modernity

6.      Financial Development and Human Capital in China

7.      Management Techniques in China

8.      Logistics: The Commercial Bridge Between Europe and China

9.      Chinese People’s Perception on European Tourism

10.  China's Socio-Economic Perspective Development Model

11.   Current Economic Developments and Asymmetries in China

12.  The Corporate Social Responsibility in China



ü  International Relations

1. The New Silk Road, Global Trends and Perspectives for China;

2. China - European Union Relations: Opportunities and Challenges;

3. The History of Diplomatic Relations between the People's Republic of China and Romania;

4. China's Embrace of Globalization;

5. Romanian - Chinese Strategic Opportunity and Future Cooperation Developments;

6. China's Partnerships and Investments in Central and Eastern Europe.


Conference timeline:



Proposals: Paper proposals should be sent to Iulia Elena Gîţă before 10th June 2017 and they should not exceed 300 words.

Acceptance: All participants will be notified about the acceptance of their paper proposals by 20th June 2017.

Confirmation of participation: Subsequent to acceptance of your abstract, please confirm your presence at the Conference until 3rd July 2017.

Full paper: please submit your manuscript in view of publication before 1st October 2016

Language of the conference: English and Chinese (should you decide to present your paper in Chinese, please make sure to provide one copy of the text in English)



Proposals submission deadline: 10th June 2017

Acceptance of abstracts: 20th June 2017

Confirmation of participation: 3rd July 2017

Registration: to be announced

Conference: 3-5 Nov 2017