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Fostering Cross-disciplinary Reflections to Bridge Societal Divides

Recent events such as armed conflicts in Europe and neighbouring regions, mass migration, and humanitarian crises involving refugees have profoundly altered the way people live and think about the world. Emerging in the context of distressed societies, still struggling with the aftermath of the pandemic, these developments have not only brought about new challenges but also reinforced deepseated inequalities of class, gender, ethnicity, and education, to list but a few.

Societies are, therefore, navigating a complicated web of interrelated and overlapping social and political challenges, from demographic shifts to increased vulnerabilities both on and offline, which call for reflections and reorganizations in the ways governments, citizens, and diverse organizations engage in dialogues and collaboration. However, fostering dialogue and cooperation proves challenging within societies characterized by polarization, violent extremism, and a communication landscape marked by increasingly complex and elusive forms of mis- and disinformation. Populism, polarization and information disorders hinder the efforts of the public sphere in addressing the aforementioned issues.

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