The 41st IAD Conference

The 41st IAD Conference


IAD Board Meeting

"Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu

September 13th 2016, 12.00

IAD General Assembly

"Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu

September 14th 2016, 17.00

CEEPUS Network Meeting

"Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu

September 15th 2016, 17.00

Danube News 32

Conference Programme

Conference Overview

The 2826 km long Danube River is the second largest European waterway, with a drainage basin which extends up to 801093 km2 which drains water from 19 countries from the Black Forest to the Black Sea. The Danube River basin represents 35% of the Black Sea catchment area, bringing around 50% of its tributaries water flow, which is around 827 km 3 yearly.

The geological dynamics of the Danube River – Danube Delta – Black Sea area over time (due to plate tectonics, exchange between neighbouring basins and sub-basins, orogenetic uplifts, debries and sediment erosion, sub basin subsidences, physical weathering, megafans and bedload ramps formation, channel shifting, water subsurface pathways, aggradations, climate changes, vulcanism, karstification, alluviums, transgressions, etc.) and its reflection in the physical landscape changes (river courses and sea shore lines modifications, sediment deposit dimensions and variability, terrestrial-aquatic areas fluctuations, flat basins-deep gorges alternations, altitudinal base level changes, and etc.) reveal a complex mosaic of significant elements, which represents the basis for complex spatial geosystem and time dynamics, all of them offering until today special natural products and services to the riverine human society of the Danube.

Meanwhile, human impact, especially in the XIX-XXI centuries, has induced a decreased trend, both in terms of quality and quantity, of these products and services, by reason of which permanent international cooperation in scientific research, assessment, monitoring and also management, under an optimum EU strategy regarding ecological and socio-economic needs, is crucial for the sustainable development of the Danube River – Black Sea region.

The International Association for Danube Research was founded in 1956 with the aim of promoting and coordinating activities in the fields of limnology, water management, water protection and sustainable development in the Danube River basin. So far twelve countries are members of IAD. Since 1998 IAD has been observing and participating actively in the various expert groups of the international Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR). IAD was involved in the DRB Management Plan development, the Joint Statement for Navigation, the draft Guidelines for Hydropower in the Danube Region, the Sturgeon Action Plan and the Sturgeon 2020 Program.

The 41st IAD conference will provide a forum for the long-term multidisciplinary research activities and discussions on various topics which reveal the importance of tributaries for the Danube Basin ecological and socio-economic protection and development, as an unique area.


1. Rivers’ tributaries biodiversity (aquatic, semiaquatic and riparian), value and threats; from mountain-tops to marine coasts.

2. Big rivers’ tributaries state, restoration and conservation.

3. Big rivers’ tributaries ecosystem services.

4. Big rivers’ tributaries under climate changes.

5. Big rivers’ tributaries and human impact.

6. Big rivers’ tributaries structures and functions.

7. Big rivers’ environmental history.

8. Sustainable development, strategy and policy in Danube Basin.