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The Proceedings of MDIS 2015 conference was indexed in ZentralBlatt (Zbl 1415.68047)

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Plenary Lecture I - Discovering semantic links in texts. Corpora and projects
Dan Cristea

Plenary Lecture II - RFID Network Optimization Using Swarm Intelligence Algorithms
Milan Tuba

Agent-Based Computational Models Implemented in 3D Space
Florentin Bota, Dan Dumitrescu

Optimization of Control Systems By PENDULAR Concept
Catalin Nicolae Calistru

Using the Fourier Transform and the Power Spectral Density functions for Pattern Recognition in Dynamic Light Scattering Time Series
Dan Chicea, Silviu Rei

Imperialist Competitive Algorithm with Variable Parameters to Determine the Global Minimum of Functions with Several Arguments
Stelian Ciurea

Data structuring for the ontological modelling of wind energy systems
Adrian Groza

Power Monitoring Scheme of a Net Metering Miniature System
Jeffrel Hermias, Rashid Jull De Luna, Anthony Joseph Lavilla, Marven Jabian, Noel Estoperez

Top - Down clustering used in analysis of the Romanian Teachers' Training Needs on Information and Communications Technology
Daniel Hunyadi, Daniel Mara

Evaluation of the computational complexity of some hash functions
Olga Korol, Mykhailo Dorokhov

A continuous reformulation of the quadratic unconstrained binary optimization problem
Vasile Moraru, Sergiu Zaporojan

Contributions to the diagnosis of kinematic chain components operation by analyzing the electric current and temperature of the driving engine
Paunescu Ionel, Paunescu Paul Liviu, Velicu Stefan

Developing Internet of Thinks- based environment smart sensing network using model view controller
Mircea Risteiu, Ioan Ileana, Constantin Hutanu, Gheorghe Marc

Ownership tracking with dynamic identification of watermark patterns
Dana Simian, Ralf Fabian

Interactive virtual world for games
Dana Simian, Petrica Bota, Robert Sandica

Generating a CTL model checker using an attribute grammar
Laura Florentina Stoica, Florin Stoica, Florian Mircea Boian