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Extended deadline: 20 October 2009!

Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu

School of Letters and Arts



 19-21 November 2009


In today’s globalised world, language, literary and cultural studies facilitate not merely a much-needed dialogue between different cultures but also a mediation between local and global culture. Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu is proud to celebrate a forty-year-long tradition in fostering disciplines that respond to the cultural, political and social effects of globalisation. We invite papers in English, French and German investigating issues that are of interest to Higher Education professionals and researchers in the philological fields.

Some of the highlights of our conference include:

  • keynote speeches:

Peter Barry (University of Wales, Aberystwyth), on “Continuing Theory”

Fabio Durao (University of Campinas), “On the Disappearance of Objects”

Suman Gupta (Open University, London), Milena Katsarska (Plovdiv University), Adriana Neagu (Babes-Bolyai University), “Teaching English for Town or/and Gown?”

  • creative writing workshops and public readings by writers Vivienne Vermes, Tom O’Brien, Denise Larking-Coste,  Angela Howard and Rebecca Nesvet, organised together with the Writer’s Union of Romania.


The topics to be approached by the participants may include (though they should not be limited to):

·         Literacy and Multiliteracies

·         Durability vs. change, essentialism vs. relativism

·         Universal vs. culture-specific, enduring vs. perishable values

·         Metropolitan vs. (post)colonial/communist discourses

·         Cultural amnesia and cultural anamnesis

·         Assessing time, duration and transience and their representation in literature

·         Time warps, temporal narratives, narratives of time

·         Aesthetic temporality versus social, religious, moral, political, perspectives on time

·         Historicity and genres

·         Cultural institutions (literature, literary history, the canon, translation, higher education etc.)

·         Cultural identities in temporal perspectives

·         Temporal dimensions of trauma

·         Digital temporalities (computer time, digital history, virtual lives etc.)

·         Digital languages and multimedia in the classrooms

·         Discipline and interdisciplinarity

·         Inter- and trans-cultural exchanges (translation studies and practice)

·         The changing profession (redefining the mission of HE post-Bologna)


Presentations will be 20-minutes long plus 10 minutes for discussion. Roundtable proposals are also welcome. Authors are invited to submit abstracts, which will be published in the Conference programme. Abstracts may not exceed 200 words and will be accompanied by a list of 7-10 keywords and a short biographical note detailing the author’s field of expertise and main achievements. They should be submitted in word format. Proposals must include titles of papers/ roundtables, name and institutional affiliation; mailing address, phone, fax and e-mail address.


A selection of papers will be published in East/West Cultural Passage and American, British and Canadian Studies.


Deadline for the submission of proposals: 20 October 2009

Please send proposals to: conf.philologicalstudies@ulbsibiu.ro


Participation fee: 50 Euros (to be paid upon arrival)


We look forward to welcoming you in Sibiu!


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