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The Proceedings of MDIS 2011 conference was indexed in ZentralBlatt (Zbl 1254.68041)

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Plenary Lecturer I -Web services: models, equivalence transformations, frameworks, implementations
Florian Mircea Boian

Plenary Lecturer II - Ant colony optimization pheromone correction strategies
Milan Tuba

A Methodology for Investigation the Change in Visual Detection of Motion in the Elderly
Kiril Alexiev, Nadejda Bocheva, Simeon Stefanov

Gallbladder description in ultrasound images ontology
Natalie Bruc, Galina Magariu, Tatiana Verlan

Ultrasound diagnostics system SonaRes: structure and investigation process
Liudmila Burtseva, Svetlana Cojocaru, Constantin Gaindric, Olga Popcova, Iulian Secrieru

The Analysis of Continuous Variables in the Decision Model of Bankruptcy Risk using Bayesian Networks
Mihaela Crăciun, Dominic Bucerzan, Crina Raţiu

On some fuzzy positive and linear operators
Anca Farcaş

A Parameter Adjustment Tool for CompuCell3D
Xuefeng Gao, Sabin Tabirca

Argumentation-Based Ontology Maintanance
Adrian Groza, Raluca Mechno

Decision-making system in E-marketing strategies
Valentina Lazăr, Cristina Răulea

Center of a Set of Points in Three-dimensional Space Using Triangular Metric
Petko Lalov, Stefan Dimitrov

Fuzzy Expert System Design for Medical Diagnosis
Diana Ofelia Man

A cluster analysis for recommender systems evaluation metrics
Ionela Maniu, George Maniu

Versatile integration of data mining techniques of description and prediction in Web informatics systems of Business Intelligence
Mircea – Adrian Muşan

A prolongation technique for solving partial differential equations with a multigrid method
Gabriela Nuţ

Methodological aspects concerning digital libraries for children
Alina Elena Pitic

Several methods of approximation for second order nonlinear boundary value problem with boundary conditions at infinity
Daniel N. Pop, Radu T. Trîmbiţaş

Modeling and Analysis for Social Media Network - Case Study: The Small World Type Network for Social Media Networks Analysis in PMML
Ioan Pop

About Hash Function and Watermark Algorithms
Crina Raţiu, Dominic Bucerzan, Mihaela Crăciun

Playing with threads in Java 7
Ernest Scheiber

On an approach for cubic Bézier interpolation
Dana Simian, Corina Simian

Supervised Approach to Learning Multivariate Linear Systems
Luminiţa State, Iuliana Paraschiv-Munteanu

Considerations about the implementation of an ATL model checker
Laura Florentina Stoica, Florin Stoica

A technique for constructing training sets in data stream mining: kSiEved Window Training Set
Sabina Surdu

From Bernstein Polynomials to Lagrange Interpolation
Gancho Tachev

Ant colony optimization pheromone correction strategies
Milan Tuba

"Least Significant Bit" method in steganography
Gabriel Tudorică, Paul Stânea, Daniel Hunyadi

Estimation of the selectivity factor for a set of queries
Letiţia Velcescu, Laurenţiu Vasile

Some of the aspects of decision design in development of the intelligent wire casting machine
Sergiu Zaporojan, Constantin Plotnic, Igor Calmicov