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The Proceedings of MDIS 2017 conference was indexed in ZentralBlatt (Zbl 07066232)

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Plenary Lecture - Decision Model for a Cycle Computer Developers Environment
Detlef Streitferdt

Plenary Lecture - Stochastic Optimization for Classification Algorithms
Milan Tuba

The integration of augmented reality in everyday life
Petrică Bota, Robert Săndică, Dana Simian

An Imperialist Competitive Algorithm Optimized to Solve the Travelling Salesman Problem
Stelian Ciurea

Why and how Practice impacts Confidence in introductory object oriented programming Courses
Viggo Holmstedt, Shegaw Anagaw Mengiste

Using Top Down Clustering model for the assessment of anthropogenic pressures and threats on the fish populations
Daniel Hunyadi, Angela Bănăduc, Doru Bănăduc

Factors Influencing Group Creativity of Computer Science Students: A Fuzzy Cognitive Map
Gabriela Moise, Monica Vlădoiu, Zoran Constantinescu

Improving of e-business activities by building web applications with integrated data mining services
Mircea Adrian Mușan, Iuliana Maria Cândea

Theoretical and practical approaches for documents classification
Livia Sângeorzan, Nicoleta Enache-David

Tuning Extreme Learning Machines with genetic algorithms
Florin Stoica, Alina Bărbulescu, Laura Florentina Stoica

Moth Search Algorithm for Bound Constrained Optimization Problems
Eva Tuba, Romana Capor-Hrosik, Adis Alihodzic, Marko Beko, Raka Jovanovic