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The Proceedings of MDIS 2013 conference was indexed in ZentralBlatt (Zbl 1300.68006)

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Plenary Lecture I - The Challenge of Emergent Phenomena in Emergent Applications Software
George Eleftherakis

Plenary Lecture II - Swarm Intelligence Optimization Algorithms in Image Processing
Milan Tuba

Plenary Lecture III - Scheduling Algorithms. A review
Ioana Moisil

Approximation of bivariate functions by truncated classes of operators
Octavian Agratini, Saddika Tarabie, Radu Trîmbiţaş

Inertial Measurement Unit Simulator
Kiril Alexiev

Detecting influenza epidemics based on real-time semantic analysis of Twitter data
Radu Balaj, Adrian Groza

Theoretical and practical approaches for time series prediction
Alina Bărbulescu, Dana Simian

A Better Genetic Representation of a Fuzzy Controller Enabling the Determination of Its Parameters with the Help of a Genetic Algorithm
Stelian Ciurea

Splitting the structured paths in stratified graphs
Daniela Dănciulescu, Nicolae Ţăndăreanu

Computational intelligence in medical data sets
Ionela Maniu, George Maniu, Daniel Hunyadi

A Second Order-Cone Programming Formulation for Simple Assembly Line Balancing Problem
Vasile Moraru, Sergiu Zaporojan

Comparative Study in Building of Associations Rules from Commercial Transactions through Data Mining Techniques
Adrian Mircea Muşan, Ionela Maniu

The dangers of Social Media. A case study on children age 10 to 12
Alina Elena Pitic, Ioana Moisil, Călin Bucur

Methodological Framework for Creating a Workflow Model when Processing Data Research
Alexandra-Mihaela Pop, Ioan Pop

Towards a Unified Similarity Measure for Node Profiles in a Social Network
Ahmad Rawashdeh, Anca Ralescu

A New Approach In E-Commerce Applications By Using Modern Technologies For Web
Livia Sangeorzan, Emanuela Petreanu, Claudia Carstea, Nicoleta Enache David

Knowledge about replenishable resources: the dynamics of unemployment and job creation
Klaus B. Schebesch, Dan S. Deac

Using ATL model checking in agent-based applications
Laura Florentina Stoica, Florin Stoica, Florian Mircea Boian

Algebraic model for the CPU arithmetic unit behaviour
Anca Vasilescu

A Method for Sampling Random Databases with Constraints
Letiţia Velcescu, Dana Simian, Marius Marin

Example of developing a loyalty program using CRM, SQL-queries and Rapid Miner tool
Iryna Zolotaryova, Iryna Garbuz, Mykhailo Dorokhov