The Scientific Sections of the Colloquium

This autumn, between 27 and 28 of October, we kindly invite you to participate in the following sections of our Colloquium:

  1. Lucian Blaga – Literary and Philosophical Studies: this section groups papers that analyse Lucian Blaga’s literary and/or philosophical works from various perspectives.
  2. Lucian Blaga – Poetics and Stylistics: this section is dedicated to papers aiming to analyse mainly formal aspects of Lucian Blaga’s works, making use of concepts and methods from the aforementioned disciplines.
  3. Romanian Poetry from the 2000s until today: as suggested by its name, this section focuses on the works of poets that came into attention after the beginning of the new millennium, but also on that of writers already known that published new works in this period of time.
  4. New Methods in Literary Studies: this last section is concerned with papers that propose more theoretical approaches of Lucian Blaga’s works, making use of the latest methods in literary studies: posthumanism, cognitivism, geocriticism, cybermythology, ecocriticism, feminist and gender studies, new materialism, world-system analysis, postcolonial studies etc.


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